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I was born in northern sweden 1977 but i’m now residing in Gothenburg since 14 years ago.

I’m an active actress and creative director at Theatre ACTA in Gothenburg, and i freelance as an actress for film, tv, scene and radio.

I’m very fascinated by the creation of the character in my acting. A brand new individual, based on parts of myself, the playwriter’s words and director’s vision!

Member of Artistkatalogen.



Om det här varit en feelgoodfilm Lars Magnus Larsson Teater ACTA Lead Current
Lust (Musical Theatre) Kristin Falksten Teater ACTA Lead Current
Eldskäl (Musical Theatre) Lars Magnus Larsson Teater ACTA Lead 2005-2011
Straffängel Erik Lundin/Erik Rusch Teater ACTA Lead 2008-2009
Funny Money L Per E Pettersson Comedy Art Theatre Lead 2008


Slutet Olof Spaak Primodrom produktion AB Lead 2013
Mansgris M. Berner/ A Lundholm Teater ACTA/ Film i Dalarna Lead 2012
Ispärla Christoffer Sahlgren Dach production/SVT Support 2010
183 dagar Emiliano Goessens SVT Support 2008
Den perfekta bilden Erik Lundin Magi Media/GIFF Support 2007
Döttrar Beatrice Bexelius LIAM Film/Sahlén Film Lead 2007
Sanningen om Marika Martin Schmidt SVT Support 2007
Kommisarie Winter Eddie Thomas Petersen SVT Support 2003

Commercial for Swedish engineers


  • I’m pretty good with the guitar and got many years of experience playing and singing in front of large audiences.
  • I´ve been dancing and singing in most of the productions i´ve participated in over the years.
  • I have a grate experience with choir singing.
  • To stay in shape i mostly do yoga nowadays but i´ve been alpine skiing since i learned to walk and later i moved on to snowboarding. I’ve ridden most of my life.

Is there something else which is required in Your production? Don’t hesitate to let me know, i’m very willing to learn new things!