1977 Anna Mercedes Gabriella Lundholm is born in the countryside outside of Sundsvall. She is the second child in a crowd of 4 siblings, where each of them recieved their own car name. The common name Mercedes was later to be changed to Anna.

1996 Anna finishes upper secondary school with acting orientation and starts to study art at Sundsvalls school of art(1997-1999).

1999 Anna moves to Gothenburg and starts at Wendelsbergs Theatre & School scene (1999-2002). She finishes her studies by studying drama at the University of Gothenburg (2002-2003).

2003 Anna starts the theatre group Theatre ACTA in Gothenburg, where she now works as creative director, actress and dramatist. At the same time she recieves her first job as an actress in theatre Pugilists show “Queerteorierna” where she plays the lead Ylva Syrborg. The same year Anna also does her first TV-role as Anne Nöjd in “Kommisarie Winter” on SVT.

2007 Anna starts working as a voice actor, which today accounts for a large part of her income.  She does one of the leads in the independent film “Döttrar” produced by LIAM film and Sahlén film, where she plays the brain damaged Caroline. At the end of the year Anna also starts working as a travel reporter for the website Travelfilm,. With Travel Film she´s been to countrys like Guatemala, Turkey and Serbia.

2008 Anna does her first farce where she debutes in the role of Kerstin in the play “Funny Money” at Comedy Art Theatre Sweden. The Same year she appears in the TV-series “183 Dagar” on SVT. She also starts working for Model One, where she among other things have done covers for the Swedish magazine “Hälsa”.

2011 Annas fourth production as a dramatist – the show “Om det här varit en Feelgoodfilm” premiers at the Haga theatre in Gothenburg. She also starts writing on her first screenplay.